Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore


Alcohol:14,5% vol

Area of Production: Region: Ceneto. Classic area of Valpolicella north of Verona. Hills of the villages of Negrar, Valgatara and Fumane.

Grapes: Produced in limited quantities from selected red grapes Corvina (70%), Rondinella (25%) and Molinara (5%). System of growing: traditional with pergola and espalier.

Soil Composition: Argillaceous and calcareous grounds of glacial and alluvial origin.

Vinification and Production System: Soft pressing of the selected grapes, fermentation for 6-8 days at controlled temperature (24-25°C.), preservation in thermoconditioned inox tanks for 3 months, “Ripasso" refermentation by a second fermentation on the skins of the wine Amarone pressed in January/February. Ageing in oak wood butts for one year, cold bottling in sterile bottling line.

Organoleptic Description: Dry, full-bodied and intense red wine, mellowed from the long period of ageing in wood butts.

Color: Intense ruby red, a little garnet red.

Bouquet: Intense, fine, fragrant, delicately ethereal, with the scents of the selected wooden barrels.

Taste: Dry, savoury, full-bodied and velvety.

Serving Temperature: To be served at room temperature (18-19°C.).

Preservation: The wine can be aged for 7-8 years after the grape-harvest. Store in a fresh, dry and dark place.

Gastronomic Suggestions: Wine for roasts, grilled meats, game and mature cheeses.

Technical Details

Total acidity g/l: 5,50

Sugar g/l: 9,00

Total sulphurus anhydride mg/l: 110

Free sulphurus anhydride mg/l: 28

Total dry extract g/l: 29,0

Volatile acidity g/l: 0,46